Finding Harmony Signed Paperback


Book #4 in the blind rebels series, Finding Harmony follows the story of Blind Rebels bassist Killian and his twin brother Callum’s sister-in-law, Viola.

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You watched him drown himself in women.
You’ve heard his sarcastic, mean side.
You think you know Killian Donogue, rockstar.

Her ex-husband abused and almost killed her sister to keep his secret.
She blames herself for not recognizing the signs.

He’s drawn to her resilience.
She sees the man behind the walls, the one who deems himself unworthy, unloveable.

Can they help each other find the harmony they need to be together forever?



I should have seen it. I should have realized what my despicable ex was doing. But I was so busy trying to be a mother, father, and provider to my little sister that I missed all the signs.

She’s grown into a beautiful, loving woman I couldn’t be prouder of. Yet now Iโ€™m realizing Iโ€™ve put my entire life on hold out of guilt over my former husbandโ€™s monstrous ways. Can I let go of the past? Or will I continue to deny myself any sort of future?


I guess I fit the stereotypical brooding rocker role. But all I’ve endured since the launch of the Blind Rebels has molded me into who I am. Love. Loss. Success. Soul-crushing truths. It led me to indulge in an endless stream of one-night stands to avoid ever developing feelings for a woman again.

Then Viola walked into my life, just as tragic revelations threatened to destroy me. For her, I suddenly need to right my wrongs and repair the relationships I left in ruins. Can the two of us forgive ourselves enough to find the harmony in a relationship together?

This book is for adult audiences, as it contains mature themes. Readers with sensitivity to descriptions of drug use, overdosing, sibling death as described in the past tense, and/or physical violence being discussed or described may want to take that into consideration before reading this book.


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