The Blind Rebels Series is Complete!

She’s not rejecting me. She’s not rejecting me. She’s not rejecting me.

Killian Donogue, finding harmony

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I Knew I was in for a Good Time

Within the first few pages I knew I was in for a good time when I found myself chuckling out out and that was backed up when I had to stop reading to let the tears clear from my eyes.
Amazon Reviewer

A Ride at High Speed

This book grabs you from the first pages and doesn’t let you go, it’s a ride at high speed. It has awful parents, abusive caregivers and so many twists and turns that I’m actually holding my breath towards the end.
Amazon Reviewer

A Story of Long Lost Love

Sammy and Melody’s story is one of long lost love and second chances, at love as well as life. It’s more than just a sweet love story.
Amazon Reviewer

Beautiful Story of Love & Loss

This is a beautiful story of loss and love. Your favorite Rebel characters from past books make appearances, including Gibson, the little boy who stole my heart in Cal’s book.
Goodreads Reviewer