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It’s all happening

Have you seen the movie “Almost Famous” with Kate Hudson as Penny Lane? It’s probably no surprise that it’s one of my all-time favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it and you love music- I highly suggest it. My reason for bringing it up is that they had a saying when everything was starting to come together as they wanted it to- “It’s all happening.” I even have it engraved on a bangle, I love the saying so much.

That said- everything for me is coming together. I have been working on my first rockstar romance series that revolves around fictitious rock band The Blind Rebels. Each book in the series will star a different member of the band as the male lead character. I’ve written all four books and they are all in some form of editing. Book covers have been purchased . I’ve been working hard to get my social media accounts up and running and now- my beautiful web page is up and running too.

That said I’m aiming for a March publication date for book one: Bridging the Silence which will revolve around Blind Rebels singer Mavrick Slater and Kadence Matthews, a former pop princess. I will have a more solid date once I go through the proofreading process.

Does anyone have any thing specific they want to see here in the blog or on the site that isn’t already here? We will definitely be talking about music and hot rockstars! Anything else that you’re curious about? Leave me a comment or drop me an email.

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