The Blind Rebels

Meet the Blind Rebels

The Blind Rebels are:

Mavrick Slater: The charismatic and cocky lead singer and songwriter, Mavrick is now best know for attacking his guitarist onstage at Madison Square Garden for sleeping with his fiancĂ©. You’ll meet him in Book 1: Bridging the Silence. Mavrick may be the singer but he can also play piano and guitar.

Callum Donogue: The pragmatic lead guitarist and songwriter is the older twin to fellow Rebel Killian, and a single father. You’ll get to know him in Book 2: Blending Chords. Callum has a son Gibson who you’ll get to see age throughout the series from an infant in Book 1 to a young child in Book 4. Callum got the Rebels their first recording contract.

Sammy Denton: The enthusiastic drummer, surfer, peacemaker, and everyone’s little brother. You’ll find out more about Sammy in Book 3: Reviving The Rhythm. Sammy was the last member to join the band.

Killian Donogue: The enigmatic, brooding bassist, and the younger of the Donogue twins, he’s known for having a different woman every night. You’ll feel like you already know him by the time you get to Book 4: Finding Harmony, but I think it will surprise you to find out who Killian really is.

Which member are you most excited to meet?

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