The Blind Rebels

The Blind Rebels are:

Mavrick Slater: The charismatic and cocky lead singer and songwriter, Mavrick is now best know for attacking his guitarist onstage at Madison Square Garden for sleeping with his fiancรฉ. You’ll meet him in Book 1: Bridging the Silence. Mavrick may be the singer but he can also play piano and guitar.

Callum Donogue: The pragmatic lead guitarist and songwriter is the older twin to fellow Rebel Killian, and a single father. You’ll get to know him in Book 2: Blending Chords. Callum has a son Gibson who you’ll get to see age throughout the series from an infant in Book 1 to a young child in Book 4. Callum got the Rebels their first recording contract.

Sammy Denton: The enthusiastic drummer, surfer, peacemaker, and everyone’s little brother. You’ll find out more about Sammy in Book 3: Reviving The Rhythm. Sammy was the last member to join the band.

Killian Donogue: The enigmatic, brooding bassist, and the younger of the Donogue twins, he’s known for having a different woman every night. You’ll feel like you already know him by the time you get to Book 4: Finding Harmony, but I think it will surprise you to find out who Killian really is.

Which member are you most excited to meet?

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