Weird Space

I’ve finished going through both Bridging the Silence (Blind Rebels book 1) and Blending Chords (Blind Rebels book 2) to prep them for the proofreader next month. I turned in my first (ie. major) rewrite of Reviving the Rhythm (Blind Rebels book 3) to my editor for a read when she’s done going over Finding Harmony (Blind Rebels book 4) for her first developmental read.

That means that I have nothing I need to do with my Blind Rebels boys and that is a weird space for me to be in. I’ve been working on these books so long that it’s hard for me to remember a time that I didn’t have something that needed to be done on one of their stories, whether it be editing or writing or even daydreaming (as a pantser* this is my pre-plotting) about their stories.

Luckily and thankfully there is even more in me. As I was about two-thirds done with Killian’s book (that’s Finding Harmony), a new series started coming to me. And a standalone as well. All are in the “rockstar romance” genre. So I’m no longer worried that my Blind Rebel boys were all I had in me. There is more there for sure. And who knows, one day I might even branch out beyond the long-haired musicians that are center stage. But right now I’m more than happy to give them the spotlight.

Now if only I could think of a name for my new band. Sigh. Names are the hardest part of writing for me. Doesn’t matter if it’s character names, band names, if something needs a name in my story it gives me a hard time.

Got any cool band names you’d like to see in print? Leave me any ideas you have in the comments.

* Pantser is a writer who doesn’t outline or pre-plot their books, but instead writes the story as it comes (by the seat of their pants).

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    1. Same- I find outlining or plotting out my book is constructive and takes away my creativity.

      I once tried to outline a romance and it ended up a mystery and not what I wanted to write at all. It works better when I pants it.

  1. SO proud of you for all of the work that you’ve done so far on the Blind Rebels!!! And I love that you have an idea for another series, that’s awesome! I think it’s funny that you don’t like naming things because I LOVE it!!!! I come up with names for tons of things, regardless of whether they already have a name or not, ha ha!! 🙂

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