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I was driving home from work the other day and thinking to myself as I listened to the new Jet Black Romance song, that it’s not that different between supporting your favorite band and your favorite author.

So I threw together this little graphic with six little bullet points on things you can do that actually help your favorite author, band, or even artist (and most don’t take money):

  • Buy their book, their album, their single, their novella, their digital print, their hat (and then wear it). Be the walking billboard for them. Let people see you reading the book or listening to the music or enjoying the art.
  • Tell your friends about it and let them know why you love it. Hey have you heard this song by Jet Black Romance? It rocks or I just read Shattered Pieces by Shanya Astor and needed tissues (I really did…it’s gut-wrenchingly good)
  • Read it on KU even if you bought the paperback, stream it on Spotify or Apple Music even if you bought the album…better yet do it on both interchangeably.
  • Review it on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or BookBub. It doesn’t have to be paragraphs long. Just a few sentences on why you like it. Favorite it on Apple Music or Spotify or YouTube. This helps their algorithms on these platforms so your favorites get more recognition. Even better- do it in all the places.
  • Gift it to your best friend, your grandma, your dad, your co-worker who reads at lunch, your boss, your favorite postal worker, the kid down the street who plays their music too loud. Sharing is caring.
  • Interact with their social media accounts. Pick your favorite platform (mine is Instagram) and follow them. Like their posts. Comment occasionally, even if it’s just silly. Share their stuff when you can. If you’re arty or good at graphics, make them something that showcases what you love about their book, their song, that mural they painted downtown, and post it and tag them so they see it.

Some of these are free, some of them cost a little dough. But these are things you’ll see me do. If I read it and I love it, I’ll tell you I loved it on my social media. I’ll share that author’s book. I’ll buy it, and read it, and boo-hoo all over it (because I love a book that makes me feel all the things) as I am leaving my reviews.

I’ll stream that song. I’ll play it a little (or a lot) loud as pull into the grocery store with my windows down sharing it even though it’s chilly out.

I’ll be commenting on their Instagram and Facebook and liking them and sharing them on mine. Trust me when I tell you that leaving the comment of support can really boost them up some days. It certainly does it for me some days.

Did I miss anything? What do you do to support your favorite author, and/or band?

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